lunedì 27 agosto 2012


Hi loves,

I'm there to tell you that I'm so happy to introduce all of you my new RL blog!

If you love fashion and make up also in real life just see my new RL blog!

I posted my first Make up tutorial with my first make up.. 

Sometimes I'll post make up and outfit, and I'll write where I bought dressed that wear ..

Yes, I opened a blog like this just with rl make up and clothing ..

I'll write in my original language, and I'll write how  I have realized the make up..

Sometimes I'll write also the products used with the brands..

Open your eyes with a real blog and enjoy the visit!

If you like my work just add you like followers ;)

 Love ya..J.L

Info : For Read This New Real Blog In English Version Or Other Languages

Please Use The Translator On The Right, 

And Good Reading For All Our Future Followers ..

Url Blog :

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