Reviews policy!

Hi, and thank's for the interest about my blog!!

If you like my style and like my pics fell free to add me on Second life or im for all information about my blog..

If you are designer and want me to review your item just send me a NC on second life with your name and your store name, possibly with your lm or slurl..

You can send me your item and i blog it..

If you aren't in my blog like sponsor, i'll add your logo and slurl in my blog..And i'll be your blogger..

If you want that i add some info about your store, sale, news, hunt or more, just write it in the nc and i'll add it when I post your items ..

Please don't forget to send me Nc with your name and lm before to send me your items..

Thank's for your interest ..

In love,

Jexika Lyter

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