About Me

Hi There..
I'm Jexika Lyter and I'm ready for you..
I simple love Fashion and work in this wonderful worl..
I'm a Owner of Fashion Agency Called " Les Fleurs du Mal " .. I organize Fashion Show very particular in the Second Life Worl and I collaborate with differents Designers for organize for them a nice fashion show with spectacular Runways.. I like taking pictures on second life and show you my personal style and what I love wear..!!!!
I collaborate also with the Siria's Fashion Room a very nice outlet where participate different brands with their creations, with inferior prices to the 100 linden!!
We change collections about 15 days..
With this blog I'd like to show you my style and help Designers to promote their stuff..
I leave you with this sentence ..

.. " Elegance it doesn't mean to be noticed, it means to be remembered "..

Thanks to all for the attention ..

In love,

Jexika lyter

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