domenica 5 agosto 2012

Please Read This Important Info About My Blog!

Hi Sponsors & Followers ,

I'm there for info all of you that send items to me, that I'll be out from 05' to 20' August ..

I'll be out for real work so I can't enter on second life, so I can't blog items for this time..

I'll return to blog later then 20 August, and I'll blog all your next items ..

I am a very professional person and I cared to inform you with my blog..

I hope that you understand, that for causes real I can't connect to second life for take items and blog ..

I send all of you sponsor a NC with this info so you know that before the 20 august I can't blog ..

Ty all for the attention and have a great day ..

For further info please answer to my Nc ..

xoxo jexi

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